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Are you tired of



Are you looking for answers when it comes to binge eating, overeating, endless dieting, body image, low energy, fatigue, mood and digestion issues?  Do you feel like eating less and exercising more is not working?

Meet Stacie


I came across a total lifestyle change because of my own food intolerances and diagnosis of candida discovered through muscle testing.  I thought I was doing well by making most everything from scratch for my family.  Reading labels and not feeding my family & childcare children nitrates/nitrites, msg, artificial flavors/colors, high fructose syrup & eating “whole” grains, etc. I took pride in serving my childcare children the best food by following the USDA child food program.  I believe my food intolerance diagnosis asked me to learn through limitation.  Through learning about the Paleo lifestyle, I learned about inflammation, the many foods that can cause inflammation, and that the inflammation leads to disease.  This discovery grabbed my attention which led to my pursuit constantly reading, learning and blazing a path to help others.  Through my constant reading and learning I learned that my breast implants were making me sick!  “They are safe they say!”   I never paid attention to my implants after I got them, they were just a part of me.  I started paying closer attention to them, and felt that one was leaking.  6 months after learning about Breast Implant Illness I had my implants removed.  I felt a weight lift off my chest and a lot of symptoms I had disappeared.  Yes, they were leaking, both of them, though one more than the other.  I’m still fighting to regain my health.  I believed that the implants caused most of the inflammation in my gut and now I am trying to heal my body. I am thankful for the journey as my journey lead my down the path of better health through food, not medications. 

Mind Body Eating Coaching is:
For Anyone who wants a better relationship with food





Initial Talk~ Free.  20-30 minutes to chat about your goals & concerns to see if we are a good fit for each other.


Initial first session: $100

Follow up sessions: $75





3 session package~$240

6 session package~$420

9 session package~$575

Stacie Barry

Financial Coach

Mind Body Eating Coach

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